What’s in a Name?

Some of the hodgehegs that live in our house

Hodgehegs was the mixed up word my second son used for hedgehogs.  We’ve used it so much in our family I now have to stop and think before I write or say it.  I don’t really have a reason why I used it as the name of our blog except that I like it.  And I like the real thing too (unlike someone I used to know who ‘just loves’ frogs but wouldn’t be within 30 cm of the real thing because they are slimey).

My name is the only real name shown here.  It’s an unusual spelling.  I’d like to stress that as I was a baby at the time I had no influence on it’s spelling and therefore refuse to be held accountable to people who can’t spell or pronounce it.  And I’m not that bothered if you can’t do either.

DB is my Dearly Beloved.  We’ve been together for just over 18 years, married for 12 (good on us for getting married in 2000, making that one easier to remember).

Squidge is my 8 year old.  He was given that nickname at birth.  As new parents we were surprised that something so small could produce something quite so, well, squidgy, in his nappy.  He also tended to squidge around an awful lot when trying to change his nappy, making for a squidgy mess.

This Dog Bruce (aka Bruce for short) is my 5 year old.  His nickname comes from a children’s book that I remember having that title but can find no reference to anymore.  This Dog Bruce was about a little dog who went around looking for fun but ended up getting in to mischief instead.  It just has always seemed to suit him.

Apart from we humans, the hodgehegs household is made up of Bella the rescue dog and 2 chooks.  What’s weird about Bella’s name?  Not much but when we ‘rescued’ her, her name was really Bellar and we decided to drop the R.  As for the chooks, Squidge named his Chickorita (inspired by  Pokemon) and Bruce called his John, and sometimes Gravy.  We just can’t help it but refer to John as “he”, even though we know full well he is a she.

What’s in your name?


8 thoughts on “What’s in a Name?

  1. Oooh I love your blog name… love the mixed up crazy words that families adopt (a bit like my blog name) and I must confess the blog designer in me is seeing all kinds of super gorgeous hedgehog logos!

    Oh and our current rooster’s name is ‘Rose Petal’ we inherited her from friends who are moving and when get her we thought she was a girl (she had been sold to them as a hen) but it turns out she is a rooster… and even though we know she is a he we all keep referring to the poor guy as ‘she’… but with a name like Rose Petal we just can’t help it!

  2. Thanks Kate 🙂

    I’m new at all of this – inspired by you and the wonderful Amanda Kendle who I know in ‘real life’. Great idea re the logo, I’ll have to get my infinitely more talented husband on to that for me.

    Rose Petal – that’s a great name…

  3. I love your blog name – it is so unique and has a special meaning to your family. I can also attest to Amanda’s awesomeness – she is converting people to blogging one by one!!
    Look forward to reading more 🙂

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