What’s cookin’ good lookin’?

I did a lot of cooking on the weekend.

I like cooking snacks for my family to have in their lunchboxes throughout the week, and in an effort to keep Bruce occupied and out of his brother’s (reading) hair for a while we tackled Choc-chip cupcakes from one of my favourite recipe sites taste.  To my boy’s disgust we used dark chocolate which I had in a block and chopped up to make ‘chip-like’.  I know, I’m awful subjecting him to Lindt chocolate aren’t I?

They don’t really look like the photo on the website but this was the end result (once again, to Bruce’s disgust I didn’t let him decorate it with lollies & marshmellows, strangely I thought the butter, sugar and chocolate was enough).

Choc-chip vanilla cupcakes

I acknowledge that cupcakes aren’t necessarily the healthiest thing I could put in their lunchboxes but teamed with fruit, a salad sandwich and yoghurt, it’s not the worst either (beats, hands down, a packet of something that has more numbers than actual ingredients).

Inspired by the wonderful Picklebums I tried my hand at bread rolls on Saturday.  They didn’t go well which is no reflection at all on the recipe – instead on the dodgy second-hand bread machine I had.  Despite the screen informing me it was mixing, kneading and rising it was doing not much of anything at all.  I’m not going to be deterred though.  Instead I’m going to get my original bread machine that needs repair fixed, and have another go because I realised that they are cheap as chips to make not to mention really easy.


For lunch on Sunday it was home made pizzas – can you guess which ones are for the adults and which ones are for the boys?  Hint – the vegies kind of give it away.

There's a vegetable there, I'm sure of it








For Sunday dinner I was after something relaxed, relatively easy and that would trick Bruce into eating some veg.  Once again I turned to Picklebums and this time made taco triangles for the kids and curry triangles for the grown-ups.  Bruce ate one, only picking out 1 pea, but Squidge downed 4 without a beat and there were leftovers (lots more than what’s shown here) for my work lunch today.  Success!











What’s cookin’ in your kitchen on the weekend?


4 thoughts on “What’s cookin’ good lookin’?

  1. That sounds like a very culinarily (?! oops made that up!) successful weekend. I am regularly inspired by recipes on Picklebums (also one of my favourite blogs) but only occasionally turn the inspiration into actual cooking. Fortunately my little boy is still happy to demolish whatever turns up on his plate, animal, vegetable or even plastic animal, whatever is there he’ll eat, so I don’t have to resort to any vege smuggling. But I did see her triangles recipe and it is on my list to try!

    I also agree wholeheartedly that a homemade cupcake (especially one made with a child assistant) is a bazillion times better than anything bought in a colourful package. No guilt required.

  2. You might want to also check out Gourmet Girlfriend’s blog if you haven’t already seen her from my posts on Twitter and FB. All of her recipes are road tested on five hungry lads (6 if we’re getting technical) and there’s a good mix of fancy schmancy recipes and every day stuff. I know a lot of them are simple enough for the boys to help out with as well which I think is great.

    If nothing else GG’s posts always give you a bit of story, a recipe and a music clip – nice combo.

    Here’s her cheese roll recipe that I’m going to try at some point:


    [end massive plug here]

  3. Yay for the triangles! Not so much yay for the rolls…. bugger!

    I often have to check that our bread machine has mixed everything ok, sometimes I need to add a splash more water at the end of the mixing cycle to get everything together…. hope you can sort it out!

    And on the cup cakes…. I reckon home made cake, with real ingredients in it, is so much more healthy than any store bought snack food… so I say indulge away!

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