When 10 Minutes is Just Not Enough

I don’t know if this will be a regular post.  I can think of a few occasions when 10 minutes is just not enough.  For the kids it would be when I give them 10 minutes to finish playing a game.  For me it’s the 10 minutes I have to get ready before we have to get out of the house and off to school & work.

What’s playing on my mind though is something a little more serious.  10 minutes is just not enough time to see your GP when you need something other than a repeat prescription or medical certificate because you’ve got a cold and aren’t really sick enough to need to see a doctor but are too sick to go to work (doctors must hate that).

I have elderly parents (in their 80’s).  I’ve been going to the GP with my Mum lately.  10 minutes is long enough to take her blood pressure and modify her prescriptions to keep the blood pressure levels in check.  It’s not long enough to pursue why her specialist hasn’t got back to us on what her options for further investigations are; or start an ACAT assessment process; or argue that she really does need an ACROD sticker; or for the GP to really understand just how she is coping in her home and with her health.

Her GP doesn’t ‘do’ long bookings because the admin staff overbook him.  Tomorrow I’m going to see him by myself so I can get the message across in 10 minutes without him being distracted by her immediate needs.

I wonder if 10 minutes will be enough?


3 thoughts on “When 10 Minutes is Just Not Enough

  1. how frustrating… I hope it all goes well for you on your next visit and you can start getting some better help. Maybe it’s time to change to a doctor who will take the time to see you for as long as it takes and not just to go through the motions…

  2. Aggh. Totally understand and I hope your ten minutes was a bit “more enough” today. I recently switched GPs and my new one is excellent at letting you stay as long as is necessary. Of course, it means he’s usually running late (I try to book the first appointment of the day) and I don’t know how long the practice manager will let him get away with it, but as a patient, it’s EXCELLENT.

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