Let’s be honest

I should clarify a couple of things.

I don’t often look like my Gravatar image on wordpress.  I looked like that on the 5th of November in 2011 when I went to  a wedding and spent 50 bucks to get someone to do my make-up  so I’d look okay in the family photos.

Most days I look like this:

The real me






And not like this:

The made up me - November 2011







I know.  50 bucks can really buy back 10 years.

The other thing I should make clear is that these are my memories, my thoughts, as I remember them.  For instance, DB remembers that we called Squidge Squidge because his face was all squashed up when he was born.  Sometimes I’ll be right, others wrong, and mostly somewhere in-between.

Oh and the post about swimming.  I should clarify – we’re swimming in a 25 metre pool.  It might make our 20 laps in less than 20 minutes seem less significant but I still feel pretty happy to be doing them 🙂


2 thoughts on “Let’s be honest

  1. Your make up was awesome J. It only highlightes your features. You are still gorgeous without it. Friendly smile and sparkly eyes 🙂

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