A visit to the library

On Saturday, I took Bruce and Squidge to one of our Council’s libraries.  The librarian charged with engaging youth in our area has started a lego club.

It gives the boys a chance to play with more of their favourite toy, be challenged into trying new things, and be inspired by what other kids are doing with lego.  It also gives them, post the lego club, an opportunity to nag me about new lego they would like to own (aaarrrghh!).

For me, it’s an opportunity to browse the library ailses and choose a couple of books I might like to read.  Invariably though, I’m frozen by indecision and more often than not turn to an author I’ve read before.  This week I came home with a P.D. James and a Maeve Binchy.  Hardly hard literature.

So this is what I now have on my bedside table:

My pile o'reading

Aside from P.D. James and Maeve Binchy I’m reading Muddle Earth which was a book given to Squidge for his birthday last year.  He seemed to enjoy it, so being a fan of Lord of the Rings I thought I’d give the spoof version for kids a go.  I don’t mind it, except for the characters constantly telling each other to Shut Up.  That’s getting on my nerves.

The rather large wadge of paper is a children’s book my DB has finished writing.  I find it laugh out loud funny and I’ll be sure to post when it’s published.  He’s given previous drafts to friends with kids and they in turn have passed it on to their friends.  He’s got good feedback on it and people have asked when the next one is coming.

I’ve not yet started on Maeve.  I read one of her books over Christmas and enjoyed it for an easy, Christmas read.

I find P.D. James comforting.  I know what to expect.  Sometimes that’s what I want in my bedtime reading.

The notebook at the bottom of the pile has been usurped somewhat by this blog.  I think it looks rather forlorn and neglected.  I’ll have to rectify that.

What’s on your bedside table?  I need inspiration for when these books are due back in a couple of weeks!


3 thoughts on “A visit to the library

  1. Ooh!!! I want to read DB’s children’s book!!! He’s so clever and I personally think it a little unfair that he has been bestowed with multiple creative talents. Who can I complain to about that?

    Left a message on Facebook before I read your post, so to repeat, my current recommendations are Sara Foster if you haven’t read her two (I love to read local authors). Also Last Summer by Kylie Ladd. And anything by Charlotte Wood. Okay will stop suggesting now 😉

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