Remembering – 16 March 2012

Thanks to a wonderful idea of Kate’s from picklebums and following a ‘stroll’ through my albums I’ve discovered a great deal of things I need to remember.  Here’s just a few…

I need to remember:

  • This week of interrupted sleep due to kids with colds is nothing compared the complete and utter exhaustion of having a new-born

"Hit by a Truck" sleep - with a new-born

  • That my 5-year-old can’t walk through a shopping centre.  He has to skip or jump from one pattern to another in the floor and invariably will fall flat on his face at least twice during a 20 minute visit – but he always bounces back up.  And while I’m growling at him, often people are smiling at him and his happy, life-giving energy
  • Squidge getting a book out of the school library because he liked it and he thought his little brother would too.  And then he sat down and read him the story – twice
  • DB going to a parenting seminar wanting to make a big difference in the life of his boys – and then encouraging his peers to do the same

Thanks Kate.  After a hectic tiring week, it’s good to take stock.

What do you need to remember?



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