Bedside Table Critique

A few weeks ago I wrote about some books that I’d borrowed from the library.

At the time I said something foolish, like I find PD James comforting.  The Private Patient wasn’t comforting.  It was dull.  The characters were so stiff and un-interesting it was hard to tell the dead from the living.

I couldn’t honestly believe that several people who shared a house completely refrained from gossiping because their employer did not approve of such a thing.  Are they kidding?  A patient has just been strangled to DEATH and no-one gossiped about it?  And no-one left, resulting in 2 more murders.  Bugger that, I’d be out of there at first light after the first murder.

So all in all it was boring.  Even imagining Daglish in the novel looked like Martin Shaw when he was Doyle from The Professionals didn’t help.  I was only 7 when that tv show finished but my sister who was 11 years older than me kept a photo of him stuck to her dressing table mirror.  This has, as you might be able to tell, left a lasting impression on me.  If you don’t know what Martin Shaw looked like in 1981, check this out.  See?  I told you.

The second novel I read was Minding Frankie by Maeve Binchy.  After The Private Patient this book was a breath of fresh air.  It gave me the comfort I craved.  It didn’t challenge me too much, didn’t horrify or plant itself inside my brain for weeks to come.  It told an interesting story and wrapped it up with a big red happy ending bow.  I thought it would when I started reading, just as I know that Adam Daglish will get the murderer in the end.  But the journey along the way in Minding Frankie and the characters that were delivered with it were just so much more interesting.

So, what’s on my bedside table now?  Well lots of people gave me great book ideas as feedback to the post on Facebook, but I forgot to take my list with me when I went to the library last – face-palm.  Surely there’s some sort of phone app for that?  Just Googled it.  There is. Of course I’d then have to get a new phone so I could use the app.  Hmmmm…  Anyway – I’m reading Ian Rankin’s Black and Blue at the moment and I am thoroughly enjoying the train wreck that is Rebus.

I’ve hooked in to Goodreads as you can see on the side bar and I have my list written out and ready to go for the next library visit (barring an iPhone or Android fairy visiting during the night).  Thanks for the ideas – keep them coming.


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