The Complete Disneyland Experience – the Theme Park

Days 1 and 2 in Hong Kong were, to paraphrase Jan Brady, “Disney, Disney, Disney!”.

I’ve already written about the journey there, and our accommodation in which the Disney brand was constantly re-inforced.  The theme park was no different.

The theme park itself contains different themes.  It certainly needs at least a 2 day pass and even then we didn’t conquer it all.  Fantasyland for example.  Apart from a great 4D show (think 3D with water, smells of food, and wind wooshing around) – Mickey’s Philharmagic and a turn on the Cinderella Carousel the rest of it passed us by.  While I enjoyed the Carousel I’m not sure that it was worth people elbowing us out of the way to get on.  Firstly, the park designers have designed a queue system that will only let the right number of people who can fit on the carousel through, therefore you’re not going to miss out.  Secondly – they are pretend horses held on by poles to a piece of metal that goes around in a circle.  It’s not something from Mary Poppins – these horses aren’t about to come to life and prance around the theme park.  Perspective people!

Toy Story Land was brilliant.  The attention to detail was exquisite.  Like the fences made out of K-Nex.  At last an opportunity to be around K-Nex and not stand on it!

Rex and K-Nex

Both days we did the Slinky Dog Spin ride.  Great ride, long queue – but hey – if you’re going to a theme park, expect to line up and build up your repertoire of games because I Spy wears thin after the 8th queue.

Slinky Dog Spin

DB, who is much braver than me, went on the RC Racer ride.  Squidge and Bruce met some ‘toy soldiers’.  For a family who is as big a fan as us of Toy Story it was a blast but in all honesty there could have been a couple more rides or attractions.

Toy Soldiers

Toy Story Land is the newest section of the park.  However, in what looks like one of the original parts, is Tomorrowland.  It’s in this part that we found Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters – a great fun ride that is tucked away.  We did it a few times over the course of our visit and never had to wait.  It was a lot of fun – you get to blast Zurg!.  Also here was Space Mountain which DB tried out on his own.  But we all joined a huge queue to watch the very clever Stitch Encounter – an interactive show which re-ignited our interest in this Disney character.  And finally in Tomorrowland we went on the Orbitron and made the mistake of letting the kids control how fast our ‘ship’ went up and down while the ride spun around.  Their personalities shined through as Squidge was super cautious and Bruce didn’t hesitate to make us all feel ill.

Adventureland included a fantastic boat ride with wonderfully realistic animatronic jungle animals and real fire and water – so watch out!


We didn’t see the Lion King show  but did get to see some of the characters in the Main Street USA Flights of Fantasy Parade.  I’m not usually one for parades but this was pretty cool and left us with the Mickey Mouse ear worm for the rest of the day.

For all that we did we didn’t do it all.  I would go back again, for sure.


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