Things I Know About Boys – Super Heroes

After a long absence due to lethargy, apathy and work on a page for our school P & C I’m back blogging.

During this period we, as a family, flaunted the M rating and went to see The Avengers.  We had seen Thor on video a few weeks before and decided that the Marvel series violence and adult themes were vastly different to those of DC’s The Green Lantern which fortunately DB and I had watched by ourselves.  No ominous black cloud creature that sucked the skeletons out of people in The Avengers.

We all thoroughly enjoyed it (and would like to fit in a second viewing).  Had we been watching it at home, Bruce, after having called out “Hulk Smash!” would have leapt over the lounge and taken on the persona of Hulk.  He did excitedly whisper “Hulk Smash!” and jiggled about in his seat as did Squidge.

On the way home we discussed which Avengers we would like to be.  DB’s decision will ultimately be determined by which of the male Avengers Black Widow ends up kissing (sigh).

The boys couldn’t quite decide and in the course of the 20 minute drive home changed their minds many times.  This led me to think about their obsession with super heroes.

My boys love being super heroes.  Squidge was obsessed with Superman, Spider Man, The Incredibles and the list goes on.  We had an old mattress that we would put in front of the lounge and he’d leap from the lounge on to the mattress.  Or we’d lean it up against the lounge and he’d scale it like it was the wall of a tall building.

Dash and Spider Man fighting baddies on the lounge

Bruce’s first costume was Superman but his favourite for years has been Spider Man.  For his 3rd birthday DB bought an adult Spider Man costume via Amazon and dressed up.  Bruce was convinced Spider Man had come to visit him on his birthday and was completely able to suspend his disbelief, even telling DB when he came back in to the room as Dad that Spider Man had just been.

Bruce, Spider Man and Squidge

He was also a big fan of Sportacus – what parent doesn’t love a hero that promotes healthy eating and exercise?  We welcomed that obsession with open arms.


Both of them have loved Iron Man, Batman, and characters that while not being Super Heroes were nevertheless heroic and cool.  Transformers, Harry Potter, Buzz, Woody or any of the Star Wars characters.  It doesn’t really matter – nor does it matter if they’ve never seen the movie/tv show/read about it.  They seem to learn about the characters as if by osmosis – they absorb popular culture happening around them and make it their own, invent story lines, costumes and weapons where they don’t have them ready-made.

We now brace ourselves for the next wave of ‘what’s in’ as far as super heroes are concerned.  What will be today’s obsession?  Bruce got a Spider Man book from the school book club today.  So that’s his – back to his origins.  Squidge got an Avengers chapter book.  Captain America watch out.

I’m noticing more and more Lego Super Hero models appearing on the shelves and expect that as birthdays and Christmas approach the nagging will start.  But I don’t blame them – they look pretty cool.  And who wouldn’t want that?  For our little family it’s a coming together of obsessions – super heroes AND Lego.

Faster than a speeding bullet!

Who do your little heroes and heroines dress up as?


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