Real Life Wednesday – Ew

This is a linky to Picklebums and Real Life Wednesday – “…those crazy little things that happen that make up the every day”.

DB does the school drop off and pick up twice a week.  Bruce‘s class has reading before the school bell and parents are encouraged to stay and listen to kids in the class read the books they’ve taken home the night before.

DB enjoys this.  The kids enjoy it as not many dads have the opportunity to do it – it’s fun getting to read to Bruce’s Dad.

DB noticed one of the girls in the class looking a bit glum and asked her if she’d like to read to him.  She perked up immediately, headed on over and gave him her book.

Before he’d even had time to say hello she said:

“I’m going to the Doctor today because this morning I wanted to vomit”.

Real Life Wednesday Ew.
Real Life Wednesdays


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