Real Life Wednesday – Expectations vs Reality

On Wednesdays I don’t work.  The expectations I have for what I can achieve on a Wednesday between school drop off and pick up are rarely realised.


Pack a lunch that is healthy, all home-made and everyone will love and will rush home and tell me was wonderful.


Packed a lunch that contained gherkins and avocado because they were the only green vegetables left in the house.  Threw in a packet of mini-biscuits (full of fat, sugar, salt and more numbers than a times table).  I had to ask the children if they liked it.  Apparently it was too big and they don’t have enough time to play (yet when they see it being packed in the mornings they say they need more food – go figure).


Do the grocery shopping and be home by 10:30.


I had to return books to the library and got a couple more out.  When Bruce saw one of them he complained bitterly that I should have looked inside it because clearly it was a song book not a story book.

My eyebrows resemble caterpillars and my top lip looks like the caterpillars have shed hair over it.  Unfortunately neither could be tamed today but I made an appointment for next week.

Hunted for various birthday presents.  Had some success.

Visited chemist for our annual winter wallet clean out.

Scraped together some coins and bought a small coffee.

Started grocery shopping.  Haven’t done a big grocery shop for weeks.  It took an age.  Spilt the remains of my coffee through my grocery bags.  Got home at 11:30.


Clean out pantry and fridge, unpack groceries, clean and tidy the kitchen.


Unpacked groceries.


Walk dog, feed chickens, collect eggs.


Achieved (but the dog walk is never, ever, long enough).


Put away washing that’s hanging on the airer and driving me nuts when the kids use it as a prop in their latest superhero game.




Sort out the goodies I have in my wardrobe for our school fete so I can drop them off.  This will mean that I stop tripping over them and Tigger stops making noises like a demented door charm every time I walk in to my so-called walk-in-robe.


As if.


Help out in Bruce’s class.


Yes!  But lordy it was exhausting and I was only there for just over an hour.  Hats off to all you wonderful teachers out there.


Log in to work and check emails.


I brought my work laptop home.  See – it’s over there.


Make home-made pizza from scratch for dinner.


I’m writing this blog post.


I’m linking up with Kate from Picklebums for Real Life Wednesday. Real Life Wednesdays


6 thoughts on “Real Life Wednesday – Expectations vs Reality

  1. lol oh Jeneane, we are so alike! Do you think just maybe you are trying to fit too much into a 6 hour time slot??? I’m only asking that because I regularly do too!!! You should see what I’m stupid enough to try and achieve before they even leave for school! Like I said on FB choosing three top things to achieve each day has worked really well for me personally (even when kids are sick).

    • Hi Kym. I think you might be right! I like your tip on choosing the top 3 things to achieve in a day. Coffee, chocolate and a nap. That sounds good and very achievable! 🙂

  2. We often claim olives as a green veggie in our house, so gherkins and avocados are totally legit!

    Glad I am not the only one who has lofty ideals of what I can achieve when I sit and write my to do list…

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